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zypern-firma.com™ offers you a wide range of business solutions for tax optimization, financial products or consulting.

We from zypern-firma.com™

we will be happy to take care of your individual needs, we will also find ideal solutions for special requirements.

This website gives you an insight into the possibilities and advantages of setting up a company in Cyprus. We would be pleased if you would contact us directly with your individual ideas, so that we can find the ideal solution for you.

The core competencies of zypern-firma.com™:

  • We support you if you want to integrate your existing company into a more efficient tax model
  • We set up Cyprus Limited companies and offshore companies all over the world, including all services, so there is little effort for you.
  • We set up foreign trust funds (offshore trust funds)
  • We have strong partners. This enables us to guarantee our clients (companies, as well as private individuals) high returns on their capital (3-15% per month are within the normal range of risk profile).

Starting a Cyprus Limited Company

We have already been able to attract clients around the world who we have been able to advise and support in the areas of asset management, asset maximisation and tax minimisation.

zypern-firma.com™ will find the right solution for you, so that you have an ideal company structure right from the start.

We can set up an offshore company for you almost anywhere in the world, which means that we are not only specialized in the subject of “Setting up a company in Cyprus”, but we are also the right partner for you if another country (e. g. Malta, Bahamas,…) is more interesting for you.

zypern-firma.com™ offers besides the establishment of a company “all inclusive” also the creation of anonymous bank accounts.

We will also assist with the resettlement to Cyprus. More Infos here: Non Dom Zypern

When is it worthwhile to start a Cyprus Limited company?

  • As Holding Company for austrian or german Companies
  • Private investors
  • daily speculators
  • Freelancer (private persons)
  • Companies that operate internationally or import and export
  • Companies and individuals working in the consulting sector
  • Companies wishing to minimise taxes
  • Companies and private individuals who wish to avoid interference by public authorities

Company foundation in Cyprus with the offshore experts

The Experts from zypern-firma.com™ have been involved in founding companies in Cyprus and many other offshore countries (in almost all regions of the world) for over 20 years. In addition to establishing the company. The services of zypern-firma. com also include the sale and administration of offshore companies.

Our consultants all speak German, so you can be sure that you are understood correctly. We do not only rely on linguistic understanding, we take care of your individual company foundation projects or your ideas, questions and ideas concerning offshore companies.

Since we have been active in this business for decades, we have the appropriate contacts, which are very valuable, but we are happy to place our clients: Tax consultants, banks, auditors, lawyers, notaries and many more. Our clients can use our excellent network of experts and institutions to their advantage.

We make sure that your Cyprus company is founded correctly and, if you wish, we will accompany you beyond the establishment of your company – we will provide you with advice and assistance, personnel or office services.

One of our most important concerns is to guarantee our customers safety and highest quality. The satisfaction of our customers is again and again the goal to be achieved. In our circle of experts you will feel comfortable and well advised, because we give our best to implement your ideas of a company formation professionally.
What distinguishes zypern-firma.com from other offshore company formation providers?

  • Decades of experience with founding companies worldwide
  • German- and English-speaking experts will be pleased to welcome you at a personal appointment in the Service Office and take time for your request.
  • Network of important experts, institutions will be accessible to you
  • Transparent procedure of company foundation
  • Transparent calculation
  • on request, we offer office services, directors
  • also available for you after the company has been founded
  • highest degree of discretion

Income earned abroad may be subject to taxation in your home country. We do not offer legal and tax advice. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a tax consultant and/or lawyer on your existing tax liability. All customers are solely responsible for the operation of their own company, for compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and for the application and obtaining of the required license (s). We recommend that clients seek comprehensive advice on all legal issues, obligations and restrictions before working with international economic structures.
Earnings generated in other tax jurisdictions may be subject to taxation in your country of residence. We do not provide tax and legal advice. We strongly recommend that you seek independent professional assistance through a qualified tax accountant and/or lawyer. All customers are solely responsible for the operation of their own business, for complying with any applicable legal and regulatory provisions and for applying and obtaining any required license(s). We recommend that customers seek advice on any legal questions, regulatory obligations, and restrictions before using international corporate structures.

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